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'Love the bag, love the shoes, love everything. Love to.'

As working women, and hard working women may I add; we love what we love! A long standing joke among us is our test product status. Need to know if something is going to be durable? Need to know if something is shatterproof? Need to know if something can hold up? Send it to us, ;-). Really though, we are really tough on product. The other part of this is, we love good stuff and (in my words) look super fly. I like to pop my collar and feel good. In this addition of 'gearing up,' we'll focus on clothing. One thing I know about all three of us and we see it in our girls.... WE HAVE GOT to be able to MOVE freely. April and I are a real big fan of pockets on shirts, too :-).

I'm a fan of Duluth Trading Post no tug tees (I have a long torso and hips that need curve signs, you know what shirts want to do on a frame like that? Roll up like a fruit roll-up). Another shirt I wore every other day this winter was the free swinging flannel, with pockets! The collar popped, mostly for protection against the wind. For an addition to my spring/summer wardrobe, I'm thinking the SOL Survivor Shirt UPF 50+ sun protection, and breathable. Check out some of their spring sales and pass along this code: SPRINGDEALS, ends tomorrow 3/29/2021.

Mama Robin has found her workable wear at Athleta (B-Corp to boot!) She recently outfitted herself for style and comfort and is rocking it. Let me have her tell it.

WELL THEN: Guess I'm going to jump on and tell you that yes, I used March as my inspiration month to find strength and space in all areas of my life, including my closet! We've been meeting often to update and celebrate, hone in and focus, dig deep and codify our values as a family and a company. Everyday Goodlife is not just our brand; it is our purpose and meaningful mindset to elevate our everyday.

I love to be active and spent time all by myself figuring out my closet to make a minimal wardrobe with a maximum impact. So, this is me at 65... Athleta Headlands Hybrid Cargo - Everything zips and tucks! I love them. Pacifica ll Tank (zips) and completed with the best designed top I've ever purchased. As someone who sews, I love the flat seams, gusseted, breathable underarm and beautiful French seamed finishes. Not much else is in my closet. I wore them to church this morning, but I could have just as easily worn them cycling, hiking and any other adventure I stumble upon. I do admit to changing into my one pair of Duluth wear that is better for feeding and wrangling the sheep and goats :)

And, the B Corp? Certified to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance and commitment to balance profit and purpose. The clothing is designed and sized for everyone and empowers women and girls to find freedom in breathable, movable style. 20% off all bottoms, no code needed right NOW - ends tonight at midnight 3/28/2021. Offers on website too, for first time purchase with applied exclusions.

That's our March gear up, look for more from us! Because we absolutely love the bag, love the shoes, love everything.

Love to.

Thanks for being here with us. April, Robin and Amy

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