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-   ABOUT US  -

We live the everyday good life, and our customers do too. As a farm cooperative, the goods we produce are good for people, good for animals, and good for the land. We are committed to pasture raised animals with a certified organic grass and forage based diet, supplemented as needed, with non-GMO, non-sprayed rations milled on-farm. Our meats and packaged products are free from nitrates (except naturally occurring), MSG, and grain by-products, with optional sugar- free cures .

It is our mission to be deeply connected to our food and to the land which produces it. We are holistic health practitioners and farmers, part preservationists and part innovators, rediscovering cultural heritage of food, deep nutrition, and pleasure of taste.


All of our animals are raised on certified organic pastures and woodlots. We implement stockpile grazing techniques which allows our animals to graze on our certified organic grasses and forages year around. Our methods are mindful of wildlife and we take care to integrate our agricultural practices with the natural cycles of the land

  • Heritage breed hogs: certified organic pasture & woodlot raised, rotationally grazed, supplemented with our own GMO-free feed.

  • Grass-fed & -finished beef: always on certified organic pasture, stockpile grazed year around. 

  • Grass-fed & -finished lamb & goats: fully pasture raised and rotationally grazed. 

  • Pastured poultry: heritage chickens & turkeys, certified organic pasture raised. Layers and fryers.