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Going Underground... And Spring

When I don't call my sister for coffee two days in a row, she calls me and asks if I'm going underground. It's her way of asking if everything is okay. I message a friend and talk to another friend almost daily. I like to post stuff on social media most days. When I miss the routine, they worry something is wrong. I'm usually grappling with something... But going underground doesn't mean I'm quitting, giving up, or even dodging the friendships. It usually means I need to spend some time with myself, get my focus, priorities and spirit in the right place.

There usually is something wrong. Something isn't meeting my expectations, or challenges are overwhelming me; however, that's exactly when I need to be still, be quiet and check in with my heart and spirit. We all have so much capacity to give and as we have all heard, more difficulty giving to ourselves or receiving. That's where I have been. In this quiet time much has happened. In the social media world, there is a saying - "Share the good, share the bad, never share the ugly." I agreed. Now, I don't agree. How do we shore each other up through adversity and life if we don't share a teeny bit of the ugly. How do we exhibit grit and allow people to inspire us if we don't tell?

As a family team, Everyday Goodlife has believed that in every moment large and small, we have the opportunity to make choices that will keep us on our path; to dig into the grit of our character; rest in the assurance of love; and find comfort in our prayers. An Everyday Good Life is made with each of these intentional choices when we take the time to reflect on what’s inside of us, not what is happening to us.

Transparency breeds hope, not a false charade of an eternally easy bucolic life. I wrote many years ago about magazine cats. You know the ones: Perfectly purring on a cat cushion, licking their paws in front of a warm, crackling fire... In reality, mine were licking their paws after pouncing on the leftover pizza box carelessly thrown aside from the previous hectic day!

I have written and re-written this blog since October. I realized I needed a recovery time first from too much, way too much. Many may already know from @everydaygoodlifefarm IG stories and fb posts: Our cold storage facility was vandalized. All our meat was ruined. Years of our time, attention, money and love destroyed by a cowardly, vicious act. It's still under investigation. We were comforted by our local community and yet, paralyzed by how to move forward with so much of our inventory destroyed. We just did what we realized we always do, kept moving forward best that we could. We listed most of our products as out of stock, which was rough for the holiday season. Slowly, we have been able to update our inventory and once again we are shipping and making progress. Thank you to all our subscribers who patiently waited for a double order! We even found unexpected gifts of connection, support and love.

We see it every day, yet rarely do we take the time to bring it all into focus. We were lifted up and will always remember the compassion and love of our friends near and far. Those moments when friends we have never met, sent messages and even handwritten cards will always be another reason to stay the path and hopefully, provide the same intentional acts that can make a difference for others. An Everyday Good Life is one that is shared in hardship and joy; work and intention; passion and purpose, but most of all... love.

Each day as I poked around in the crackled dry leaves of winter searching for the green shoots of crocus, daffodils and tulips; I was reminded of the promise of spring... always there whether I searched or not. Like life, so much depends on simple faith. Spring brings hope; not always in warm breezes and shining sun, but the expectation of light and warmth in our journey and the knowledge that the good is not buried in cold hardships nor the bone chilling moods of winter.

We have been busy during this time to plan the very best for you. Our complete re-stock is in the freezers! And... Check out our new spring items curated by April and Amy - So many good things! The Farm Store has spring hours Thurs. - Fri., 8:30-noon and afternoon by appt. Sat. 9am - noon. We are looking forward to seeing you! A new spring line of curated items are on the shelves with more to come. Mother's Day boxes and baskets can be custom ordered for shipping by May 3rd. If you have not signed up on our community texting, add your number! Text 573-261-6791.

Thank you for being here with us through it all!

XO from Robin and Everyday Goodlife

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