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Love Notes and Songs of the Heart

Instructions for living a Life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. -- Mary Oliver, nature poet. Tell about it. Tell others what you think and how you feel. Write a love note and pin it where it can be found, admired and saved; carefully folded and unfolded until the seams are worn and the ink is faded. Words can be uttered on the wind, but writing is the effort of the pen and can bring a song to the heart. Each of our February boxes will have a written sentiment just for you... Because I want this box to bring connection and respite to your moment or day. I hope you will feel you have been gifted the opportunity to connect with your own heart and who you truly are.

Growing up, I loved trees and would put my face on the bark and leaves to breathe in the scent. Redwoods are my favorite and although I live far from the Redwoods these days, I can still smell them if I close my eyes and let my heart remember. The heart's momentum is our touchstone for how we perceive and operate in our world for creating, loving and thriving with joy, adventure and contentment. Nature can ground our attitude and allow the intuitive heart to connect deeply. And to my astonishment, I've learned that trees connect in much the same way; they talk to each other and take care of each other! Pay attention... Be astonished... Trees network and deeply connect to each other in community under the forest floor. When we look at life through this lens of connection, love seems so uncomplicated and nature's only way. Wondrously, Mother trees lay down the networks for the saplings and transfer of genes, so they can pass their wisdom onto the next generation of trees. They make space so the new trees can grow strong and withstand the future stresses. It seems life is always calling us into fear, but nature offers respite and its own love note of shelter and peace. We can draw strength and inspiration from wild surroundings and let nature speak to our hearts.

When I see the kids running in the woods, I feel the trees laughter in crackling leaves, whispering branches and dancing shadows. Their wild hearts beat as one with the goats as they clamor up and down the bluff. Even farmers find it difficult to slow down long enough to breathe in nature's offerings. When we freely abandon our schedule to experience nature, our heart's magnetic field absorbs the energy of beauty and I believe, love. Noticing the skittish winter wind on our face livens our step and perspective towards living a more heart based life, where we share a coherence with nature and the energy of love. For us, nature is our partner.

This Valentine's Day may you feel rooted with the trees and may your love note be sung by the birds as they chatter in the branches of the slumbering forest, dipping occasionally for a dried seed blown in on a gust. May you notice and be attentive to the screech of an owl or yip of a coyote and be astonished by your heart's desire.

Blessings for a good life everyday!


If you are interested in Suzanne Simard's research, I've included a link to her Ted talk :)

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