Order our curated box of lovely and cozy goods! We all need some cozy nourishment this time of year for our soul's journey ahead. @everydaygoodlifehome has put together a Long Winter's Nap box to delight your senses and warm your heart this January!


Order this box at the early pricing and your box comes as a delightful surprise.  The curated contents will be kept a secret surprise while early bird pricing is available. Once early bird boxes drop, curated contents will be revealed and boxes can be purchased at regular bundle price (still an incredible value, see the breakdown below) while supplies last or until the end of the month.


Long Winter's Nap contents:

  • Alpaca socks - sustainably raised fleece from small family farms and mindfully manufactured (retail 22.00-28.00)
  • Botanical Bath Salts - 8 oz jar of mineral salt; organic botanicals of chamomile, rose petals and lavender; pure essential oils of lavender, rose and vanilla (retail 12.00)
  • Sweet Dreams Diffuser Spray - 4 oz spray bottle of rose hydrosol, pure essential oil of lavender and vanilla in a base of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol (retail 10.00)
  • Pocket Warmer - Heatable mixture of flax seed and organic lavender (retail 4.00)
  • Sample of our handblended tea - 
  • Lavender Vanilla Body Butter - Luxurious base of botanical oils with pure essential oils of lavender, rose, and vanilla (retail 12.00)

Your lovely surprise box retails for 62.00 + free shipping = $72.00


Why would we do this? Because as a family farm, your support means the world to us! We included traceable origin socks to toast your toes with care, and purchasing them directly from the farmer allows her to better care for her animals and grow her business.  We are on a mission to put in practice our own philosophy.  We only source to the best of our ability, what's good for the land, what's good for the animals, and what's good for people. Thank you 


Please note: This curated farm box does not contain meat products

Long Winter's Nap Lovely Surprise Box - Curated from the farm for home + life

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