There are few things finer than the combination of great meat cooked over fire. Our silvopastured, heritage breed pork takes center stage with a combination of sausages, chops and ribs, featuring our all time greatest hit: jowl burgers. We've added in our grass fed + finished ground beef to round out our box. When these hit the grill, mouths water. 

Graziers Grill Box

  • 2 packs of 4  jalapeño &  cheddar bratwurst (1 lb per pack)

    2 packs of 4 mushroom & swiss bratwurst (1 lb per pack)

    2 packs of 4  jowl bacon burgers (1 lb per pack)

    2  packs of ground beef (1 lb per pack)

    1 pack of pork baby back ribs (1-1.5 lbs per pack)

    1 pack of 2 pork chops (1.2-1.8 lbs per pack)


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