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"Look at the stars, the great kings of the past look down on us from those stars. So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you, so will I" - one of my favorite quotes from Mufasa in The Lion King.

A dark night's sky littered with only the light of the stars sets the mood for our curated farm box. The transition from a busy holiday season gives way to reflection and rest in the early weeks of January. During this time, it truly is a waiting for what's next.

It is fitting to celebrate Christmas after the longest winter night of the solstice to usher in the hope of light. The darker nights of winter become a time to reflect and allow memory to become more important than foresight. Sometimes, we are too eager to move straight into the new year with resolutions and goal setting. I prefer to stay in the still of the darkness a little longer. If you live on a farm, it's the little lull before the next season of busy. I yearn to live in the rhythm of the animals, who move slowly, tuck in and huddle together. January feels silent and still and beckons us to read by the fire, think, ponder and dream. Instead of making a New Year's to do list, I spend a few days allowing my dreams some space with no boundaries. Dreams have more room in the dark, unhurried world of more moon than sun.

During a frigid winter day, the quiet woods and river shrouded in frozen morning mist allows a shedding of the unwanted and crisp sharp breaths fill me with nourishing energy. These are moments of suspended memories to allow or discard. I cherish the time before the world goes back to normal routines after the holiday season.

The reality of winter and early darkness encroaching on my day; however, takes its toll. Truth is, frigid weather makes my bones hurt. And farming in frigid weather sometimes feels as if my body could shatter, just like the ice I smash in the water troughs. And let's face it, my feet feel like sandpaper and my big toe never quite gets back to toasty. Perhaps that's the beauty... the harshness and challenges of winter reminds us why we just celebrated the coming of light into the world. The light of the first new full moon is when I feel prepared to re-enter the busy days of life. I feel dreams will begin to take shape and form. The new moon is called a wolf moon and many think it is because of wolves howling in hunger. Maybe. I prefer to think that wolves are calling to each other in re-connection, community and the daily business of living. Perhaps they are howling because they are awakening from their own solstice.

Enjoy a respite. Fill your winter cocoon with a little warm and cozy treat to prepare you for the challenges and harshness of winter in our lives. Take a long winter's nap and rest in the darkness of holy silence - regaining nurturing energy after the holiday season. My dream is to bring into being as much joy and love for life as possible, however that looks. I dreamed of curating a winter treat box from our farm as a lovely surprise to warm your toes and hopefully your heart.

Thank you for being here - Robin

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1 Comment

Julie Jones-Agro
Julie Jones-Agro
Jan 28, 2021

Hi Aunt Robin! I just love reading your blog posts. I find them so comforting during my busy day at the office! They remind me there is life outside of the confines of my office space, running kids to afterschool activities, etc. Thank you and please keep these posts coming!!!

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